Vocational Education and Training Loan Scheme


Financial Assistance to youth of target group to enhance their skills & employability
Eligibility Criteria

  • The person should be from the target group of NSKFDC.
  • The person should have secured admission in a course run or supported by a Ministry/Deptt./Organization of the Government or a Company/Society/Organization supported by National Skill Development Corporation or State Skill Missions/State Skill Corporations, preferably leading to a Certificate/Diploma/Degree etc. Issued by a Government Organization or an Organization recognized/authorized by the Government to do so.
Course Eligibility Vocational Education & Training courses of duration of minimum 6 months and upto 2 years run or supported by Ministry/Department/Organization of the Government or a Company/Society/Organization supported by a National Skill Development Corporation or State Skills/Mission/State Skill Corporations.
Age Eligibility The candidate should attain minimum age of 18 years on completion of the course. The upper age limit is up to 50 years.
Quantum of loan Need based finance to meet up-to 90% expenses shall be considered subject to the following Ceilings:
  • For courses of duration  up to 2 years: up to Rs. 4,00,000/-

Note: In case of cost over-run, it shall be borne by beneficiary.

Expenses to be Considered for Vocational Education and Training Course
  • Admission/Tution fee
  • Examination, Library, Laboratory Fee
  • Caution Deposit
  • Purchase of Books, Equipments, Instruments
  • Boarding & Lodging
  • Insurance for loan amount

Any other reasonable expenses found necessary for completion of the course certified by vocational education & training institute.

Interest NSKFDC shall charges interest @ 1% per annum from the Channelizing Agency which, in turn, shall charge 4% per annum from the beneficiaries. In case of women, an interest rebate of 0.5% shall be provided.    
Repayment Upto 7 years.