List of Indicative Schemes



Any viable and income generating schemes are financed by NSKFDC to Safai Karamcharis, Scavengers and their dependents. As per the project proposals received from the SCAs, the following sectors are given priority by the target group:-

  1. Transport
  2. Small and Petty Business
  3. Non-land based schemes
  4. Sanitation based equipments
Indicative Projects/Activities/Schemes
Sl. No. Range Indicative Projects/Activities/Schemes
1 Upto Rs.50,000/- Agricultural Sector: 
Mixed Farming, Bee keeping, Goatary, Dairy, Poultry, Duckery.
 Service Sector: 
Tea Leaf Shop, Tea Stall, Cane Bamboo Shop, General Store, Singar Shop, Statue Making, Carpentry, Rickshaw, Sale of Steel  Utensils, Gift Items Shop, Flower Shop, Egg Business, Rice Selling, Badi/Papad Making, Readymade Garments, Masons,  Mobile Repairing, TV/Domestic Appliances Repairing, Electrician, Plumbing & Mason, Fruit & Vegetable Vendor &  Meat Shop, Paan Shop, Beauty Parlour, Footwear Shop, , Electronic Shop, CD/ Cassettes Shop, Fast Food, Photo Studio, Rice Polishing, Imitation Jewellery, Gift Stall, Cycle repairing, Barber Shop,  Tailoring Shop, Flour Mill, Bicycle Hiring and Repairing.
Industrial Sector:
Wooden Photo frame, Handmade bricks, Jali Pillars, Herbal Cosmetics, and Rakhee /Decorative Jhallers
2 From Rs.50001 to Rs.1.00 lac Agricultural Sector:
Poultry, Goatery, Milch Animals.
Service Sector:
Fabrication Work, Shuttering, Computer, Carpentry Business, Fertilizer Shop, Mobile Repair, Battery winding & repairing, Two/Four wheeler repairing, Barber Shop, Auto-rickshaw (Petrol), Automobile Repair Shop, Photocopier Booth, General Provision Store, and Music Store etc.
Industrial Sector:
Broom Stick, Artificial Jewellery, Paper, Jute & Cloth Bags & folders, Paper envelopes & File covers, Air bag/purse, Halwai Chappal, and Surgical Bandages making
3 From Rs.1.01 lac to Rs.5.00 lac Agricultural Sector: 
Poultry Farming, Plants Nursery, Vermi Composting, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Sericulture and Mulberry Farming, Mushroom Cultivation, Tractor, Power Tiller and Horticulture.
Service Sector:
Dhabas/Mini Hotel, Advocate Office, Bricks Sale, Travel Agency, Medical Shop, Internet Cafe, Plastic Lamination, Repairing of Agricultural equipments, Dry cleaning, dyeing & draping, Transport, Denting & Painting of Vehicles and Domestic Gadgets, Sanitary & Hardware Shop, Servicing & Repair of Domestic electrical Appliances, Tent House, Band  Party and Readymade Garments Shop.
Industrial Sector:
Broom making, Brush making, Hollow Bricks and Jallis Making, Printing Press, Black Smith, Embroidery/Jari Work, Machine Screw Manufacturing, Surgical Bandage Manufacturing, Silver Ornaments, Footwear Manufacturing,  Herbal Shampoo Manufacturing, Tyre Retreading, Citronella Oil Manufacturing and Silver Ornaments.
4 From Rs.5.01 lac to Rs.10.00 lac Agricultural Sector:
Tractor Trolley, Poultry Farming and Dairy Farming
Service Sector:
Mini Hotels/Motels, Dhaba, Readymade Garments, Mobile Shop, Hardware and Paint Shop, Tent House. Bolero, Mahindra Jeep, Innova, Qualis, TATA Sumo and Mini Bus(RTV) 
Industrial Sector:
Rice Mill, Stone Crusher, Hosiery unit and Mineral Soda Water Plant
5 From Rs.10.00 lac to 15.00 lac Sanitary based Equipments
Vacuum loader, Suction Machine with Vehicle, Garbage Disposal Vehicle, Pay & use toilets etc